The 3rd IGO SUMMER MEETING has been organized in Nantes, France on April 17th & April 18th 2018.

This meeting was designed for students, clinicians, research associates and basic science investigators. Topics to be covered included new aspects and new trends of immunotherapy  in organ transplantation and  cancer.

Photos of the Award winners :

Photo Lauréats IGO 2018

Best oral presentations : Nicolas Hipp (250 euros by Progreffe) & Elia Angelarita (250 euros by SFI)
Best posters : Abel Garnier (200 euros by SFI) & Vincent Larochette (200 euros by SFI)
You will find below some links with the allocutions of our speakers :

Class-switched memory B cells remodel BCRs within secondary germinal centers - Pierre Milpied
IL-2-based therapies for the treatment of autoimmunity and cancer - Eliane Piaggio
Targeting GARP on Tregs: a novel approach for cancer immunotherapy ? - Sophie Lucas
CD8+ T cell-derived CD40L mediates cytotoxicity against cancer cells - Marco Frentsch