Tuesday 17th April 2018 - Morning

  • 8.00 am     Registration & Coffee
  • 8.45 am     Welcome
  • 9.00 am     General Keynote lecture 
                           Jeff Bluestone (University of California - San Francisco / USA) - Immunotherapies

SESSION 1 : Solving heterogeneity in immune response
Chairpersons : Cédric Louvet & Sophie Hillion

  • 09.35 am    Pierre Milpied (Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy / France)
                           Decoding Germinal Center B cell responses at single-cell resolution

  • 10.10 am     Hans Dieter Volk (Charité – University of Berlin / Germany)
                           Aged adaptive immune system on intra-tissue processes - need for distinct preclinical
                            models reflecting clinical challenges
  • 10.45 am    T Cell Help Mediated by IL-2 Orchestrates BACH2 Downregulation that Allows Plasma
                           Cell Differentiation - Nicolas Hipp (UMR917, Rennes, France)
  • 10.55 am     Molecular analysis of memory CD8+T cells at the single-cell level reveals a specific
                           pattern in multiple sclerosis patients Emilie Dugast (UMR1064, Nantes, France)
  • 11.05 am     Coffee break and poster viewing
  • 11.20 am     A molecular signature of human regulatory b cells
                           A. Grasseau (UMR1227, Brest, France)
  • 11.30 am     Milena Hasan (Pasteur – Paris / France)
                            Establishing determinants of human immune variability as a path towards
                            personalized medical approaches
  • 12.05 am     Leïla Périé (Institut Curie, Paris / France)
                             Heterogeneity during hematopoiesis: is the tree still a tree ?
  • 12.40 pm     Lunch

Tuesday 17th April 2018 - Afternoon

SESSION 2 : Molecular based immunotherapy
Chairpersons : Aurélie Moreau & Alexis Kalergis

  • 2.00 pm     Marjolein Van Egmond (VUmc / The Netherlands)
                            Antibody-Dependent Phagocytosis of Tumor Cells by Macrophages
  • 2.35 pm     Eliane Piaggio (Curie Institute, Paris / France)
                          IL-2-based therapies for the treatment of autoimmunity and cancer
  • 3.10 pm     Transient antibody targeting of CD45RChigh T cells to prevent the development of
                           graftversus- host disease in rats and NSG mice -
                           Laetitia Boucault (UMR1064, Nantes, France)
  • 3.20 pm     Interleukin-34 contributes to regulatory T cell suppression and delays transplantation
                           rejection - Antoine Freuchet (UMR1064, Nantes, France)
  • 3.30 pm     Coffee break and poster viewing
  • 3.55 pm     Cancer vaccines: Designing synthetic long peptides to improve presentation of selected
                           class I and class II T cell epitopes by dendritic cells
                           Catherine Rabu (UMR1232, Nantes, France)
  • 4.05 pm     Round Table: Common clinical perspectives and problems for immunotherapies.
                         J. Bluestone, H-D. Volk, P. Reinke, M. Brenner, D. Cantarovich, P. Amé, G. Blancho,
                         P. Moreau
  • 4.55 pm     Sophie Lucas (UCL Louvain / Belgium)
                         Targeting GARP on Tregs: a novel approach for cancer immunotherapy ?
  • 5.30 pm     Marco Frentsch (Charite – University of Berlin / Germany)
                          CD8+ T cell-derived CD40L mediates cytotoxicity against cancer cells
  • 6.05pm     End of the session
  • 6.10 pm     Poster session
  • 7.30 pm     Gala dinner in ENSA

Wednesday 18th April 2018 - Morning

SESSION 3 : T Cells based immunotherapy
Chairpersons : Sylvain Simon & Béatrice Clémenceau

  • 09.00 am     Malcolm K. Brenner (Bayor College of Medecine, Houston / USA)
                               Cell Therapy: Safety First
  • 09.35 am     Fadi Issa (Nuffield dpt of Surgical Sciences / UK)
                            CD4+ Tregs in animal models and clinical trials of solid organ transplantation
  • 10.10 am     Targeting tumor vasculature with TNF leads effector T cells to the tumor and enhances
                           therapeutic efficacy of immune checkpoint blockers in combination with adoptive cell
                           therapy - Elia Angelarita (San Raffaele, Milan, Italy)
  • 10.20 am     Cyclophosphamide treatment regulates the balance of functional/exhausted
                           tumor-specific CD8+ T cells - Coralie Henin (ULB Cancer Research, Bruxelles, Belgium)
  • 10.30 am     Coffee break and poster viewing
  • 10.45 am     Generation of CD8+ and CD4+ regulatory T cells from human pluripotent stem cells
                           Léa Flippe (UMR1064, Nantes, France)
  • 11.00 am     Chiara Bonini (Ospedale San Raffaele / Italy)
                            T memory stem cell based immunotherapy
  • 11.35 am     Luis Graça (Institute of molecular medicine / Portugal)
                         Tolerance to factor VIII & Tfh regulatory cells
  • 12.10 pm     Lunch
Fondation ARC

Wednesday 18th April 2018 - Afternoon

SESSION 4 : Micro-environment and resident immune cells
Chairpersons : Karin Tarte & Amédée Renand

  • 1.30 pm     Matteo Bellone (Ospedale San Raffaele / Italy)
                          Microbiota and multiple myeloma
  • 2.05 pm     Federica Marelli-Berg (William Harvey Research Institute / UK)
                          Modulation of immune responses through control of T cell migration
  • 2.40 pm    Induction of an immunoregulatory circuit by Faecalibacterium prausnitzii via Ahr:
                           potential implications in colorectal cancer
                           Emmanuelle Godefroy (UMR1232, Nantes, France)
  • 2.50 pm    Interleukin-22-binding protein (IL-22BP) regulates IL-22 functions during gut
                           homeostasis - Ahmed Abidi (UMR1064, Nantes, France)
  • 3.00 pm    Coffee break and poster viewing
  • 3.15 pm   Human tolerogenic dendritic cells regulate immune response through lactate synthesis
                           and regulatory T cell induction - Eros Marin (UMR1064, Nantes, France)
  • 3.25 pm     Jean-Luc Teillaud (Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers / France)
                         A new comer in the arsenal of lung cancer patients : B cells in tertiary lymphoids
  • 4.00 pm    General Keynote lecture – Oren Parnas (Hebrew University of Jerusalem / Israël)
                        Dissecting Regulatory Networks That Mediate Dendritic Cell Suppression
  • 4.35 pm    Awards and conclusion of the meeting (Nathalie Labarrière, Deputy Director Labex IGO)