Allocated Grants for national and international conferences

These grants are only allocated to doctorants and post-doctorants of Labex IGO !

Form to fill in to candidate for an allocated grant for national and international conferences :

demande-de-soutien-congres-labex-igo-formulaire-version-word 2019

Allocated Grants for visiting fellowships

Dissemination activities of Labex IGO aim at increasing its visibility and outreach, and to promote collaborations with academic or private partners. Labex IGO Visiting Fellowships offer an excellent opportunity for Labex IGO teams to attract international Fellows engaged in research in the fields of immunology, oncology and transplantation. This initiative is designed to benefit to the entire Labex IGO network by, for example, initiating or developing international collaborative research projects, enriching the research and training environment for early career (postgraduate and postdoctoral) staff, enhancing Labex IGO educational programs through courses and seminars.

Application form and information can be downloaded here : Labex IGO_Visiting fellowship 2019

Allocated Grants to develop partnerships, collaborations or skills

Application form and information can be downloaded here : demande-actions-wp-dissemination-trame 2019