The team 3 of CRCINA and the dermato-cancerology department of CHU Nantes published the results of the clinical trial MELSORT. This article report the use of adoptive cell transfer of sorted specific T-cells to treat metastatic melanoma patients. The protocol of adaptive cell transfer used in this study is presented below :

Therapeutic cell's process in MELSORT clinical trial - N. Labarrière, CIRCINA

Therapeutic cells’ production process. 107 PBMC from HLA-A2 healthy donors are stimulated for 14 days with Melan-A or MELOE-1 peptides. At day 14, peptide stimulated T cells, containing at least 1% of specific T cells are incubated with Clinimers, recovered on a magnet, and amplified on irradiated allogeneic feeder cells. At day 28, the specificity of T cells is assessed by double labelling with an anti-CD8 mAb and each specific tetramer, before injection to the patient.

Dréno, B., Khammari, A., Fortun, A. et al. Phase I/II clinical trial of adoptive cell transfer of sorted specific T cells for metastatic melanoma patients. Cancer Immunol Immunother (2021).