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KALSIOM is a new biotech company, created in April 2020 in Brest, France, based on the research work of LBAI lab (UMR1227), member of LabEx IGO

Kalsiom is discovering and developing first-in-class therapies to treat auto-immunes disorders involving B-cell dysfunction with high medical needs.
The company is focusing on developing monoclonal antibodies modulating calcium-signaling pathways in lymphocytes.

An innovative technology as a result of 15 years of public research
KALSIOM derives from research carried out for 15 years by Olivier MIGNEN, scientific co-founder of the startup, within the University of Western Brittany (INSERM unit U1078 then mainly the INSERM unit U1227 LBAI: B lymphocyte and autoimmunity ) in close collaboration with the Brest Regional University Hospital. The research work led to the first patent filings in 2014, then from 2016 to 2019 the realisation of two significant maturation programs funded by SATT Ouest Valorisation.
Thanks to several months of support from GO CAPITAL and SATT Ouest Valorisation, the project was transformed into a company around an experienced team specialising in the field of immunomodulatory antibodies. Hervé Brailly - President of Kalsiom, has joined forces with Olivier MIGNEN - who provides scientific support - to co-found KALSIOM. They also associated with Mathieu Bléry - CSO.
Olivier Mignen
Olivier Mignen, co-founder of Kalsiom

A fundraising of 2 million euros for the first stages of development of the company
Kalsiom just completed its first round of financing of 2 M € with GO CAPITAL, Advent France Biotechnology and SATT Ouest Valorisation.
The project also benefits from the support of the regional incubator Emergys Bretagne within the Technopole Brest Iroise.

Find out more about KALSIOM by downloading the press release in French