Our labex is conducted by SCIENTIFIC teams but benefits also from the support of different INSTITUTIONS and the INDUSTRY.

NExT IsiteIn February 2017, within the national competitive call I-SITE (Science Innovation Territory Economy Initiatives), the Nantes Excellence Trajectory (NExT) initiative was awarded the label of excellence for 10 years. The goal of the NExT initiative is to accelerate the unique dynamic of the site in Nantes which is internationally recognized for its expertise in research, training and innovation in two major inter-disciplinary areas: Health of the Future and Industry of the Future.

NExT was built on a scientific perimeter based on successes of the first program “Investissements d’Avenir” (investments for the future) including Labex IGO. Indeed, Labex IGO is involved in two key scientific priorities of the Health of the Future area: Innovative Biotherapies and Oncology and Nuclear Medicine. All information on : http://next-isite.fr/