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Immunology Lecturer position in Rennes


Location: UFR Sciences de la Vie et de l’environnement / UMR1236 MOBIDIC - Rennes

Teaching: The recruited lecturer will teach immunology at UFR Life and Environmental Sciences (SVE) in the Cell Biology team, in the framework of the degrees provided at the faculty: "Life sciences" Bachelor's and Molecular and Cell Biology”  and “Microbiology” Master's degrees.
Research topic: Normal and pathological differentiation of the B lymphocyte in interaction with its microenvironment

Teaching: /

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Project engineer in Onco-Hematological Disease Research in Rennes


Location: Biology Department, Cellular Hematology and Bioclinical Hemostasis Laboratory - CHU Rennes

Mission: activity mainly focused on fundamental research with the development of innovative and original molecular approaches, integrating complex, multi-step biological processes oriented towardsgenome and epigenome regulation. Analyses of genome expression regulation, protein-protein interaction, single-cell analysisthe development of 3D cancer models using primary cells, transgenic animal models and in silico research are all important factors in theadvancement of knowledge.


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Mis à jour le 15 February 2024.