To strengthen industrial relationships, Atlanpole Biotherapies was appointed to support emerging innovations.
Atlanpole Biotherapies is one of the seven competitiveness clusters dedicated to health, accredited by the French government in 2005. It gathers 80 companies, 5 Universities (with 51 research units), 2 Hospital Universities and 1 veterinary school. Its mission is to boost innovation mainly through public/private partnerships and international networking.

Immunobiotherapies are one of the 3 strategic R&D axis of Atlanpole Biotherapies Cluster. Thus a regional complete value chain is functional to support the innovation efforts in transplantation and oncology, from basic research to GMP biomanufacturing. This value chain is designed to support the development of any Immunotherapies such as cancer vaccines, antibodies, immuno cytokines, radiolabelled antibodies, nanofitines, immunomodulators etc… Key core facilities include immunomonitoring for preclinal and clinical phases or big animal experimentation (surgery, imaging…).

Atlanpole Biotherapies, represented by Stéphanie Bonnaud ( is your contact for any inquiries about industrial collaboration.

NExT In February 2017 the Nantes Excellence Trajectory (NExT) initiative was awarded the label of excellence, in the framework of the national competitive call I-SITE (Science Innovation Territory Economy Initiatives). The LabEx IGO was integrated into the NExT initiative in 2018.
The LabEx'es are at the heart of the structuring of the dynamics of I-SITE's and appear as a benchmark for developing research, training and innovation in close connection with the networks excellence of the NExT Initiative. The NExT Initiative is intended to accelerate the unique dynamics of the Nantes site, which is internationally recognised for its expertise in research, training and innovation in two major inter-disciplinary areas: Health of the Future and Industry of the Future.
NExT was built on a scientific perimeter based on the success of the first program “Investissements d’Avenir” (investments for the future) including Labex IGO.
The Labex IGO is involved in two key scientific priorities of the Health of the Future area: Innovative Biotherapies including in particular Immunotherapies, and Oncology & Nuclear Medicine.

NExT participates in LabEx IGO's activities in different forms: transfer of the ANR funding, provision of a human resource for scientific communication and event management (contact: Nina Skybyk, participation in the institutional committee.

The Pays de la Loire Region's ambition is to develop the attractiveness of its territory, in particular by supporting research, training and innovation

It boosts the activities of its research centers of excellence, by promoting networking and cooperation between laboratories, companies and training centers, by attracting researchers of international or national renown.

In this context, the Pays de la Loire Region supports some specific actions of LabEx IGO, such as funding research projects with a strong potential for industrial and clinical applications, equipment financing (ex: Codex) or supporting post-doctoral positions in LabEx IGO projects.

Mis à jour le 27 June 2023.