Created in 2010 and located within the health cluster of the University of Nantes, the Cytocell platform, offers a range of services focused on multi-parametric flow cytometry, cell sorting and cytometry imaging.The platform has the scientific and technical skills for all your science projects in life sciences.The staff of the Cytocell platform is heavily involved in training in flow cytometry at both the regional and national levels.The platform is a structure open to all staff belonging to the constituent units of SFR Santé François Bonamy, but also to research units outside the federal research structure and to private companies.


Flow cytometry is a fast and accurate technique for individual characterisation of suspended cells o r isolated particles driven by a liquid flow to a source of light excitation. It also allows high-speed cell sorting, which is a physical separation of different subpopulations from a heterogeneous population.

The platform staff have the scientific and technical skills for project implementation from sample preparation to data analysis and provide the necessary services and training.

The platform accepts all biological systems. Its resources make it possible to characterise and separate cell populations, prokaryotic as eukaryotes, or particles (vesicles, nanoparticles, organelles ...) for basic and / or clinical research.

We also offer theoretical and practical training in the use of each  analyser cytometers and if necessary the cell sorter. The objective of this training is that all users become quickly independent in the use of cytometers.This training may be accompanied, for those who wish, by a personalised coaching that includes:
  • assistance in the design of experiments (in particular on the choice of fluorochromes), assistance in the analysis, interpretation and presentation of results
  • an adaptation of the equipment to emerging uses by developing new technical developments

The platform participates in numerous cytometry workshops and congresses at regional and national level.


  • Immunophenotyping of biological samples (up to 30 fluorochomes).
  • Detection of membrane, intracellular (cytokine, phosphoprotein) and intranuclear molecules.
  • Study of apoptosis, of cell cycle, and of cell proliferation.
  • Multiplex assay of cytokines & phospho-proteins.
  • Cytometry imaging: coexpression, internalisation, spot-couting, morphology.
  • Cell sorting of animal and plant cells, yeasts, bacteria.


A quality project is in place on the platform to maximise the performance of each instrument so that all tests performed by users are ultra-sensitive.
  • 3 Calibur Analyzer Cytometers (1 laser 488nm and 1 diode 633nm; 4 PMTs)
  • 3 Accuri C6+ Analyser Cytometers (2 lasers: 488nm and 640nm; 4 PMTs)
  • 1 Canto HTS Analyzer Cytometer with High Throughput Sampler (2 lasers: 488nm and 633nm; 6 PMTs)
  • 4 Multiparametric Cytometers : 2 Canto II (3 lasers 405/488/635 nm, 8 PMTs) ; 1 Celesta ( 3 lasers 355/405/488 nm, 12 PMTs), and 1 LSRII (3 lasers 405/488/633 nm, 15 PMTs)
  • 2 Highparametric Cytometers : 1 Fortessa X20 (4 lasers: 355/405/488/642nm; 17 PMTs) and 1 Symphony A5.2 (5 lasers 355/405/488/561/637 nm, 30 PMTs)
  • 1 Facs Aria III Cytometer multiparametric cell sorter with cloning module (ACDU)  (5 lasers: 375/405/488/561/ 633nm, 16 PMTs)
  • 1 Cytometer Influx cell sorter « jet in air »  with cloning module (ACDU)  (4 lasers: 355/405/488/642nm, 18 PMTs )
  • 1 Imaging Cytometer Image Stream X Mark II (3 lasers: 405/488/642 nm; 10 PMTs)


  • The Cytocell platform provides services for the scientific community and for the industry
  • The systems are accessible to users who wish to be autonomous after training by the platform staff
  • System reservation is allowed for trained users via an online schedule management software
  • Access to the Cytocell platform is subject to pricing