MicroPICell Platform


he MicroPICell facility offers a complete integrated service focused on cell and tissue imaging. A centralized entry point through a single reservation and invoicing system for all services allows users and collaborators to have access to sample preparation services, light microscopy observation, data management and images generated analysis.

It brings together equipments in histology and bio-imaging and has the scientific and technical skills for all your scientific projects in life sciences.

The faciliry staff members develop new protocols in agreement with the users of the service. Thus, scientists can draw on the skills of the managers of the platform to develop new innovative studies.

The managers of the core-facility are heavily involved in training in Bio-imaging. This discipline is currently undergoing a major technological evolution, therefore training in this science is becoming a fundamental issue.

The core-facility is a structure open to all staff belonging to the constituent units of SFR Santé but also to research units outside the federative research structure and to the private companies.

Know how

The histology department has the equipment necessary for the preparation of samples, automated systems for processing slides and imaging equipment for analyzing the results.

  • Histological techniques (staining, immunostaining, multiplexing)
  • Multiplex fluorescent staining and spectral imaging
  • Tissue micro array
  • Slide scanner. (Creation of virtual slides)

The imaging department is equipped with fluorescence microscopes (super resolution, confocal and wide-field) suitable for data acquisition in a living or fixed system.

  • Visualization and quantification of fluorescence on cells and tissues
  • Intracellular ion flux measurements
  • Measurements of molecular dynamics
  • High throughput screening (HCS)
  • Super resolution microscopy
  • Big samples imaging (organoïds for example)

The image data processing and analysis service trains and assists biologists in the use of image analysis tools and develops specific data processing tools (algorithms).


The facility's expertise and equipments allow it to collaborate on studies in cancerology, pathology, immunology, physiology, toxicology, materials sciences.


Mis à jour le 21 March 2024.